Laughter is healing. Laughter is fun.

Laughter allows us to shine like the sun!

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Programs For Middle School & High School Students

Skype with The Funniest Poet in School!

A skype visit from an author can be just as exciting as a school visit. In fact, there are many advantages to skyping with Darren... the students get a chance to interact, one on one, with him, a smaller group setting allows everyone to participate in his presentation, and he can answer everyone's questions and ask them questions as well. During a skype session, Darren shows students his poetry books, talks about where he gets his ideas from, performs his humorous and whimsical poems for the crowd, gives tips on how to write creative poetry, and acts out poetry with students. It's an inspiring day for everybody! Giggles guaranteed!

​Duration: 1 Hour     Size: 1-2 Classes

Programs For Elementary School Students

* Darren is available for 2, 3, 4, and 5 day residencies

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Programs For Pre School Students

Setting Goals! Achieving Greatness!

Darren Sardelli is a dynamic force in the world of literature. His humorous, clever, upbeat rhymes keep young adults on the edge of their seats. He’s extremely passionate about writing and has a gift for helping middle school & high school students find their creative flow. Before the age of 19, Darren didn’t think much of poetry. Just like reading and writing, he found it tedious and boring. English was always his worst subject. Anyone who knew Darren, growing up, would have never guessed he’d end up as a poet. Even when Darren started writing, no one took him seriously. No matter what adversity he faced, though, Darren always held onto the belief that he could do something special with his rhymes. During this hour of power, students are entertained and enthralled by his inspiring story. They learn about goal setting, visualization, work ethic, intense focus, and persistence. Darren’s cool, charismatic personality is a big hit with students. He’s been published in 23 books and has visited over 700 schools.

Duration: 45 minutes    Size: 6-8 classes


PARP – Author Visits / Poetry Shows / Empowering Assemblies

Darren Sardelli makes students feel important, instills confidence in them, and helps them realize how valuable they truly are. Not only does he empower them with his electrifying poems and inspiring words, he also teaches them how to express themselves in positive ways. This award winning poet and children's book author has a unique gift for showing students (of all ages) the cool and funny side of poetry. During a visit, Darren talks about the authors who inspired him, where he gets his ideas from, the creative things he’s done with his ideas, shows students the colorful books his poems are published in, and performs his humorous, whimsical, and entertaining poems for the crowd. Each poem requires some type of participation or activity... keeping everyone on the edge of their seat. Darren’s programs are designed to help students tap into their creativity. He stresses the importance of writing down ideas and encourages everybody to create their own IDEA BOOK. It's so much more than poetry. It’s an interactive experience that gives students a blueprint for growth and happiness.​

Duration: K-2nd (45 Minutes) / 3rd-5th (1 Hour)

FAMILY NIGHT - The Funny Poetry Show
Funny poet & author, Darren Sardelli, adds a new flavor and spin to poetry. His creative, clever, upbeat rhymes keep students, parents, and educators on the edge of their seats. He’s extremely passionate about writing and has a gift for getting people (of all ages) interested in poetry. During the show, Darren performs his captivating and compelling poems for the crowd, talks about who and what inspires him, shares the inspirational story of how he became an author, shows the audience how writing can be used as a creative outlet, and demonstrates what people can accomplish by working hard and believing in themselves. Many of his poems have surprise endings, hilarious punch lines, and intriguing twists that generate laughter. It’s a show that brings families together and keeps them giggling, pretty much, the entire night. 

​Duration: 1 hour (followed by a book signing)

Award Winning Poet and Author, Darren Sardelli

Programs for Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, & High School Students

Copyright © Darren Sardelli. All rights reserved.

All of Darren's programs recognize the Common Core Standards and the NCTE/IRA Standards for the English Language Arts

Darren Sardelli - The Funniest Poet in School


​Darren Sardelli is a dynamic force in the world of children’s poetry. His creative, clever, upbeat rhymes keep students on the edge of their seats. He’s extremely passionate about writing and has a gift for getting people (of all ages) interested in poetry. During a visit, Darren uses humor to captivate his audience. He opens imaginations, sparks creativity, and encourages everyone to start an idea book. His high-energy performances, relatable topics, and sage advice are a winning combination for students and teachers alike. Darren has visited over 700 schools. His creative rhymes are published in 23 children’s books (in the US and UK). His poems have been featured on Radio Disney, in best selling books on the Scholastic Book List, and are part of lesson plans (worldwide). If you’re looking for an empowering, engaging, and entertaining poet, Darren Sardelli is an excellent choice. His awesome AUTHOR VISITS delight, excite, and ignite imaginations everywhere! 

Duration: K-2nd (45 Minutes) / 3rd-5th (1 Hour)


 ADVENTURES IN RHYME is an interactive poetry show that teaches PRE-K and Kindergarteners about rhythm, rhyme, and poetry. During this action-packed presentation, each poem requires some type of participation or activity. Students try to figure out poetry riddles: “My flavors are fantastic. I’m ordered for dessert. Be careful when you eat me. I might drip on your shirt…”. They repeat and act out poems like: “Dogs are friendly. Dogs are fun. Throw a ball and watch dogs run…”. They share their fears before hearing: “I’m not afraid of anything. You’ll never see me cry. I’ll swim the deepest ocean. I’ll swat the biggest fly…”. They even guess endings to poems such as “Our Grandma Kissed a Pumpkin”. Everything is simple and relatable. Throughout the show, students clap, dance, tap, and surf to the rhythm of rhymes. It’s an entertaining, engaging, and educational adventure! 

Duration: 40 Minutes     Size: 2-3 Classes

Hi everyone! I'm Darren Sardelli... award winning poet, children's book author, and motivational speaker. My poems are showcased in 23 children's books in the U.S and England, and 20+ textbooks (worldwide). My poetry has been featured on Radio Disney, in best selling books on the Scholastic Book List, and is being used in lesson plans all around the world. Since 2004, I've visited over 700 schools... where I've turned countless students and educators onto poetry. My program, Laugh-A-Lot Poetry, has been recognized by Suffolk Boces as a Top 10 School Program on Long Island (2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2015). If you’d like your students to experience something unique that stimulates their minds, sparks their creativity, and inspires them in ways they’ve never imagined, please keep me in mind. I have a gift for making poetry fun and exciting for students of all ages.

If you'd like to have Darren visit your school or speak at your next event, please email Darren at or give him a call - (516) 658-1453.


THE POETS' WORKSHOP is a poetry workshop specifically designed for elementary school students. During this exciting writing workshop, Darren teaches students how to spice up their writing with humor, creativity, and imagination. After a short brain storming activity, Darren combines the student’s ideas with his own and writes an amazing rhyming poem with them. He shows them how to structure each line, paint pictures with their words, and demonstrates how to make a poem entertaining and interesting. By the end of the workshop, they’ll have a fun, creative, imaginative poem that everyone is excited about.

​Duration: 45 Minutes     Size: 2 Classes     Up to 5 workshops per day