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Here you'll find hilarious poetry books that feature my poems. For all books ordered on my site, I'll provide an autograph with an inspirational message. For books ordered on other sites (Amazon), I can't make any guarantees. All in all, though, I think you'll enjoy these books. 

My books make great gifts for teachers, birthdays, holidays, graduations, baby showers, and other special occasions.

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* Autograph and inspirational message from Darren Sardelli

A poem from Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie


Price: $12.95 (Taxes and shipping included)

* Autograph and inspirational message from Darren Sardelli

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* Autograph and inspirational message from Darren Sardelli

Darren Sardelli makes students feel important, instills confidence in them, and helps them realize how valuable they truly are. ​Not only does he empower them with his electrifying poems and inspiring words, he also teaches them how to express themselves in positive ways. His ideas, alone, get students thinking in a creative direction. 

Darren's powerful poems teach, inspire, and set imaginations on fire! When he performs for an audience, he's known to delight, excite, and ignite imaginations! This enthusiastic, energetic, and exhilarating poet is absolutely honored to share his poetry with the world!

In Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, you’ll run into a teacher who mixes up her words, one who gives detention to water fountains and bus tires, and one who forgets how to act around students. You’ll meet unusual lunch ladies who serve Candy Cane Craters, Milky Way Shakes, and fresh Corn on the Comet. There’s also a dog that enjoys doing chores, a parent who gets out of hand at a parent-teacher conference, and a principal who lets kids take over the school on Opposite Day. Darren’s humorous and witty poems make reading fun and enjoyable for poetry fans and non-poetry fans alike!

Copyright © Darren Sardelli. All rights reserved.

My Doggy Ate My Essay

My doggy ate my essay.
He picked up all my mail.
He cleaned my dirty closet
and dusted with his tail.

He straightened out my posters
and swept my wooden floor.
My parents almost fainted
when he fixed my bedroom door.

I did not try to stop him.
He made my windows shine.
My room looked like a palace,
and my dresser smelled like pine.

He fluffed up every pillow.
He folded all my clothes.
He even cleaned my fish tank
with a toothbrush and a hose.

I thought it was amazing
to see him use a broom.
I’m glad he ate my essay

on “How to Clean My Room.”

Poem Copyright © Darren Sardelli (All Rights Reserved)

I Hope I Don’t Strike Out is the first major anthology of funny poems about sports. It was designed to motivate sports-loving boys and girls to read by focusing on the funny side of sports. It covers all major sports in which kids participate, including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, swimming, skiing, running, karate, golf, volleyball, and dodgeball. Some of the All Star Poets who contributed to this award-winning book are Darren Sardelli, Neal Levin, Tim Tocher, Robert Pottle, and Jeff Nathan.

Rolling in the Aisles is one of the funniest anthologies of giggle poetry ever published. It contains humorous poems selected by a panel of more than 1,000 elementary school students. There's hilarious poems about pets, food, families, friends, and school. Darren Sardelli, Joyce Armor, Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Charles Ghigna, and Eric Ode all made the cut for this giggle-packed collection of rhymes. 

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